Mother’s Day at Capital Pawn

What a wonderful day! We get to celebrate mothers of all ages and generations. From flowers to cars, we spoil them to the max because this is their day! But when did this start? And why exactly do we have this day set aside?

In 1914, after many failed attempts, Mother’s Day finally became an established holiday. President Woodrow Wilson granted Anna Jarvis’s proposal and created the holiday. It slowly gained more and more recognition and now is accepted as a “hallmark holiday,” meaning it is a commercial benefit holiday- bringing in lots of moola! That is not how Anna first wanted it, but over the years it has become a special holiday. This day, more flowers and cards are sold than any other holiday. Not only do we shower our mothers with gifts, but hopefully all of us just celebrate the work, kindness, love, and time our moms have given us. They have a HUGE job taking care of, not only their own children, but also the friends, neighbors, and anyone else that shows up and asks for something.

Mother’s Day is traditionally the second Sunday in May. Many women used to, and some still do, wear corsages on their jackets and shirts to signify this special day. There are luncheons, brunches, and all sorts of meals specifically made with our wonderful moms in mind. The one catch- no mom is allowed to make the food! So hopefully all of the men and children know how to cook by this point.

From the lists that mom’s make to the gifts she asks for, we celebrate these wonderful women in our lives on their very special day. Even though they should be thanked more than just on Mother’s day, we try to make it special and rewarding. So take some time out of your weekend and set it aside to show your appreciation for the mom in your life, because blood or not, we all have one!

“But Mother’s Day is much more than the gifts. Mother’s Day is a time to stop and really think about all of the sacrifice your Mother (meaning not just your biological mother, but a woman, the woman who’s been with you and helped you innumerable ways and times) has made for you. All of the little things she’s done, all of the ways she’s loved you and supported you.”

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