Bryan and Jessica
Bryan and Jessica

Let us introduce you to the mastermind behind our facebook page, Bryan! Bryan is our facebook, craigslist, eBay, and Amazon guru here at Capital Pawn. He has a knack for knowing what the customer wants and then he delivers! Often you can see Bryan packaging products to mail out and pricing movies.

If you like us at, you will see E.T. pop up over and over; he is our undeclared mascot because Bryan saw something in making E.T. photo-bomb a few pictures here and there. E.T. has now become part of the Capital Pawn family as well.

Bryan loves horror movies and has a massive collection in a gigantic bookcase; you can ask Bryan about movies in general, and he will have a knowledgeable answer for you. He’s a huge Notre Dame fan and might just bleed green! His wealth of sports memorabilia knowledge is astounding. He enjoys eating peanut butter cups and peanut M&Ms, so if you’d ever like to make his day, bring him a pack of those delicious peanut M&Ms 🙂

Bryan can be seen above with his beautiful bride-to-be, Jessica.

Bryan is a team player and a great asset to the Capital Pawn family; thank you, Bryan, for being an all round great guy and working with us at Capital Pawn!