People love diamonds. We wear them in our ears, around our necks, on our wrists, and most often on our fingers. They symbolize importance, love, success, beauty, and so much more.

The month of April is known most commonly as ‘The diamond month.’ Those who are born during this month know diamonds are their birthstone. Here at Capital Pawn, we celebrate the birthstone of the month by offering a sale! For the entire month of April, ALL diamond jewelry is 15% off, whether it be loaded with diamonds, have one single diamond, or have little diamond accents.


Currently in stock, we have 226 diamond rings, 40 pendants (which we can pair with a beautiful chain), 22 diamond earrings (12 sets and 10 singles), and 13 bracelets.

April Diamond 2

April Diamond 3.JPG

So hurry in to Capital Pawn before the month is up to claim your discount!!

We want to make it an excellent customer experience, so take a look at the following link and come in educated about the 4 Cs of Diamond Quality: