In July at the Pawn Expo this year, Adam and Beth, the owners of Capital Pawn happened to be visiting face-to-face with a group they had only previously interacted with online. Seth Gold of American Jewelry and Loan was one of those hanging out and sharing ideas. His marketing expert, Cyndee, asked if we would be interested in learning a bit more from Les and Seth Gold at American Jewelry and Loan. The end result?

We visited American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, Michigan at the beginning of August. It was a great learning experience because pawnbrokers from all over the nation were in one room discussing one thing – Pawnbroking!

We were able to visit Les Gold’s childhood pawn shop, Sam’s, as one of the very first things we did. It was such an honor to see where he had honed his business skills.

Above you can see that Sam’s Loans is now Gold Cash Gold, a farm-to-table restaurant. Our whole group stands outside, Adam and Beth in front of the building, and Adam talking with Les.

What we learned was invaluable in the less than 48 hours we were there — people all over the nation need pawn shops and people all over the nation are amazing. The Pawnbrokers in the room with us were such an open, sharing group of knowledgeable experts and advocates for the 3000 year old industry that we couldn’t help but be impressed and honored to be in the same room with them.

Thank you especially to Les and Seth for opening their business and their lives to us on this whirlwind of a trip, and thank you to Cyndee for planning it all!

One of the most fun things we did was be interviewed on Gold Tone Podcast with Seth Gold. Les and Seth made it easy and fun. We are interviewed at about minute 34 if you’d like to take a listen.

Adam and Beth on Seth’s Podcast

You can read about our experience from Seth’s point of view here: Seth Gold’s Blog on the Pawnbroker Podcast

We thought we’d share this experience with you because we want you to know we are always learning and growing in this ancient industry, and what we know benefits YOU, the customer!

We are excited to announce Seth Gold will be joining us here at Capital Pawn in South Salem on Saturday, December 3rd, for a few hours. You can meet him yourself, get an autograph, and shop to your heart’s content. More to come, so stay tuned!