Beth Anundi of Capital Pawn is Only the Third Female to Win NPA Pawnbroker of the Year Since its Inception in 1996

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA), the only national trade association representing independent pawnbrokers, named Beth Anundi of Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon as the recipient of the NPA 2019 Pawnbroker of the Year Award.

Beth co-owns, operates, and manages Capital Pawn and Capital Couture alongside her husband, Adam Anundi. A beloved and integral part of the pawnbroking industry, she’s known for giving back.

“Almost every pawnbroker I meet has a different background and interesting story about how they got into the industry,” said Greg Engstrom, who won the same Pawnbroker of the Year distinction in 2016. “But Beth is the only person I have ever met to change from teaching to pawnbroking. This has created a dynamic environment in Oregon. She brings a completely different dimension to their store and to the industry. She is very organized and thinks beyond the average pawnbroker. A couple of years ago a group of pawnbrokers, including Beth and Adam, came to our stores to observe and critique, and have some fun.  We had all of the above, from the local casino to nearly every store within 30 miles including Steve Krupnik’s old store.  Everyone was exhausted by the final day, and that was critique time. Beth had such great ideas of things we need to do, and things we were doing wrong.  I am still going over those notes today.”

Beth has been an active member of the NPA for several years including their Awards Committee and Membership Committee and was elected to the 2019 National Board of Directors . She’s served as a speaker and panelist at numerous industry conferences and has participated in the NPA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

Detroit’s Seth Gold, who was the 2013 Pawnbroker of the Year added “I have had the privilege of collaborating with Beth on a recent project and have been impressed by the impact she has made in recent years both on our industry, as well as in establishing herself as one of our brightest leaders.”

Under Beth’s guidance, Capital Pawn supports several community outreach programs that support their local youth though high school programs, and has partnered with One Thousand Soles, a non profit that provides youth with good shoes offering that youth comfort, confidence, participation, and health. Additionally, Beth co-founded New Growth Ministries, which provides food, shelter, and hope for youth in crisis. Capital Pawn also supports programs for veterans and others in the community with special needs.

Beth’s influence isn’t limited to the United States. “Beth is not just a pawnbroker, she’s an industry beacon. She runs a class leading pawn shop and still makes time to mentor her fellow pawnbrokers.  She works tirelessly to improve the public face of the industry and shares that vision with everyone.  We are all better for it,” said Martin Strasser, owner of Premiere Jewellery and Loan in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

The NPA Pawnbroker of the Year Award is presented annually to an NPA member who, through his or her performance, has demonstrated exceptional success in their business and local community and has made a significant contribution to the pawn industry during the previous year.

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2019 NPA Award Recipients (L to R):
Kerry Rainey, Board President and Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award
Beth Anundi, Capital Pawn of Salem Oregon, National Pawnbroker of the Year
Yigal Adato, Pawn Leaders Podcast, Industry Partner of the Year
Michael Mack, Max Pawn, Award for Outstanding Community Relations
Nicholas Fulton, USA Pawn, Young Professional of the Year

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