#CapPawn is a way for you to let us know where you are having fun or working

We love our #CapPawn family and are so grateful for you!

Come on down and get a few of our famous #CapPawn stickers, or if you email CapPawnSouth@gmail.com, they will mail a few to you so you can play!

You can pick them up at any of our three (soon to be four) locations.

This is what you do:

  • Take a selfie (or have someone take a photo of you)
  • Make sure the #CapPawn sticker is in the photo!
  • Post the photo on your social media
  • Use the #CapPawn hashtag
  • TAG Capital Pawn as well!

Where have you taken Capital Pawn?!?!?!

Below are several examples from friends and family across the country! Join in on the fun!

***Willamette Valley Vineyards; Portland City Grill; Detroit, Michigan; The Gwen Stefani concert is Las Vegas, Nevada; Home Depot in Salem, Oregon; Hot Rod Dogs owner and his truck in Oregon; on a cactus in Arizona

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