Often times, small business owners feel helpless as they are starting a new business. In these unprecedented times, the helplessness felt by small business owners today is similar to starting anew. Businesses are closed but still need to pay rent, utilities, wages, etc., while closed which means they are not bringing in any income. They end up in the endless cycle of needed funds with no one to provide the funds.

This is the point where Capital Pawn steps in to help!

Because our loans are collateral based, there is no credit check and no time is wasted filling out reams of paperwork. Our process is simple, fast, and confidential. The business owner must simply provide valid ID and items of value. It is truly that easy. The owner will have cash to complete their business transactions within minutes of entering our store.

We can easily process a loan of $20,000 or more on the spot in our VIP area by appointment. Call 503-385-1394 to ask for an appointment today with one of our specialized pawnbrokers.

In advance of calling, business owners can take an assessment of what they own that we loan on: jewelry (old, broken or lovely and beautiful), luxury handbags and watches, diamonds, gold, silver, 4-wheelers, boats, ATVs, tractors, tools, laptops, musical equipment, electronics, and more.

Let us help!

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