Have you ever found a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton on a table at a second hand store and wondered if it was authentic? Bring it on in to any Capital Pawn location and we can verify whether or not it is authentic! It typically takes minutes but may take upwards of 24 hours for an Hermes. Rest assured that we will have an answer as Entrupy has a 100% money back guarantee.

We use a device that uses Artificial Intelligence to help us determine the authenticity of a handbag. Sometimes we can use the device on belts and clothing as well. This device is called Entrupy, and we use it any time we want to reconfirm our authentication process.

Before we use Entrupy, we assess the handbag by looking at a number of things:

  • Pattern and exterior materials
  • Hardware
  • Date code or serial number
  • Zippers and closures
  • Interior materials
  • Etc

Once we have made our assessment, we will use Entrupy to verify our evaluation of the handbag. We will then use #EntrupyVerified to post about the bag on social media when it is authenticated by our handbag evangelists and Entrupy.

It is easy to do, so bring the handbag of choice and $40 and we will get you a certificate of authenticity or you will know for certain that it is not real.

We can authenticate the following bags listed on Entrupy’s website here.

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